A Complete Arsenal Information on Invisalign

08 August 2021
Oreoluwa Lawal
A Complete Arsenal Information on Invisalign

Since Invisalign was introduced in the 1990’s, there have been unending questions about the teeth correction tool. While some questions have been answered correctly, many have been left hanging in the air. If you seek to gather more information about Invisalign, you’re at the right place. Here’s a handful of Invisalign-related questions flying around .

Is Invisalign better than metal braces?

Invisalign allows you to have a discreet orthodontist treatment. It is also more comfortable to use than the traditional metal braces. Although, the traditional metal braces do a great job of fixing severe teeth misalignment conditions. Overlapped and rotating teeth conditions cannot be fixed with Invisalign.

Apart from teeth misalignment, what does Invisalign does to the user?

Invisalign can help improve your jawline. And yes, it can also re-model the shape of your face and your smile. Overall, the invisible aligners can improve your dental health.

Can I eat with my Invisalign?

Eating and drinking with your Invisaligns would cause your Invisaligns to change color rapidly. Remove your Invisalign before each meal to avoid staining the Invisalign. Remember, it’s clear plastic, and any coloration is most likely noticeable.

Can I sleep at night with my Invisalign?

You can sleep with your Invisaligns at night if you find them comfortable. There’s no standard rule whether to use Invisalign’s at night or not. What you have to do is to shoot at wearing the Invisalign’s minimum of twenty-two hours a day for the best result.

Is Invisalign expensive than braces?

Depending on where you decide to receive your Invisalign treatment and your treatment plan, the Invisalign has a similar cost outline with the metal braces. Most orthodontic centers provide affordable treatment for teeth misalignment conditions.

A common saying goes thus; information is power. Having proper information on Invisalign will put you in control of your Invisalign treatment.

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